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Canvas Cocoon

Sleep beneath the stars. Wake up to the pink haze of dawn. The sun’s rays filter through the branches to the east. The birds’ chirps and chirrups inspire you to rise to begin a new day of discovery…

A Safari Camp Galapagos Experience

We are small in design, but exclusive in nature. We are flexible and can customize your experience because of our small size.

Our Safaris adhere to our vision of authenticity, hospitality, personal and exclusive, respectful of our environment, and respectful of Galapagos National Park’s creatures. To create your own safari, you can choose a Land Based Safari. You will be able to explore Santa Cruz and the surrounding islands at night while staying on land

Our Safaris

Our Dining

Our 4-course tasting menu offers a nightly journey across Ecuadorian cuisine. Dine outside, with views of the National Park.

Tortoises Galapagos
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